Explore the Secret Experimental Base (Underground v2) Explore the Secret Experimental Base (Underground v2)

Underground V2 Overview

So, Explore the Secret Experimental Base (referred to as Underground V2 from now on) is here. What is it? Its Underground Exploration version 2, new and possibly improved. But really its the same as the old underground with a few new mechanics included.

New bits and pieces include

  • Traders
  • Hero Missions
  • Different types of fog...
  • Raid Tickets
  • New oxygen machine (PAID)

Watch this space for info on the traders and hero missions

There is now at least 2 types of infected tiles (critters to attack that aren't boss tiles). More info on this in the Handy Tips section.

Raid Tickets. Still working this one out, watch this space for more info! Short Version (assumed at this stage): Allow you to run multiple attacks on a tile at the same time. X raid tickets = X * rewards so 10 raid tickets = 10 * rewards etc. +1. Aparently you get one free attack (no raid ticket cost) per raid run. THIS WILL STILL COST THE SAME OXYGEN AS RUNNING 10 (or X) attacks!

New paid oxygen source. Its cheep (like the budgie) and gives you 40 oxygen and 5 raid tickets per 5 hours. THIS WILL STACK! So if you dont collect for 10 hours, you will get 80 Oxygen and 10 Raid Tickets!

SoS Underground V2 Oxygen Generator Info (PAID)
SoS Undeground V2 Oxygen Generator Info
SoS Underground V2 Oxygen Generator (PAID)
SoS Undeground V2 Oxygen Generator
Underground V2 - How to play!

The basic concept hasn't changed since V1, so I'll just provide a bit of a refresher on suppression, different tile types and the research bonus here.


Suppression: What is it? Basically its a damage bonus when attacking a tile. It uses your research level for each of the 5 research trees to "cancel out" the infected features. Not entirely accurate, but lets unpack that.

SoS Underground V2 Research Categories
SoS Undeground V2 Research Categories

Each tile has an Infected Feature. It will be one or more of the 5 research categories seen above, with a level attached. To "suppress" (read: do more damage/get more purple goo) these "features", you need to have that type of research level matching or greater than the feature level. Sounds complex right? Its actually not! Lets use some pictures to illustrate the concept...

SoS Underground V2 Unsuppressed Infected Feature
SoS Undeground V2 Unsuppressed Feature

Unsuppressed features will appear as seen above.

SoS Underground V2 Suppressed Infected Feature
SoS Undeground V2 Suppressed Feature

Suppressed features will appear like that ^^. A big Red X over the icon. Easy enought to identify right? So you say until you click on every attackable tile looking for the best value for oxygen. But more on that in a sec!

Suppression works on the concept that 1 level of suppression is worth 25% extra damage. 2 = 50%, 5 = 125% and so on. Complex... more pictures!

SoS Underground V2  Partially Suppressed Infected Feature
SoS Undeground V2 Partial Suppression

So in the example above, 25% extra damage would be awarded. Now imagine the Wise has an Red X too. That would be 3 levels of suppression, so 3 x 25% = 75%. If the Steady had an Red X AS WELL, thats 4 levels of suppression, so 4 x 25% = 100%. There is no "cap" to suppression, if you can suppress 6 levels (Say, Wise 3 + Steady 2 + Valiant 1), that would be 6 x 25% = 150% bonus! Clear as mud!


Tile Types

Underground V2 introduces a new tile type. This new tile type is where the infected critters live (not the boss tiles). As far as i can tell, there is no way to tell what type of tile you are hitting (each floor SHOULD have all the same tile type). Looking at the battle report however will reveal the tile type! (Also looking at how much purple goo you get should be a giveaway lol).

UPDATE: Toxic Mist tiles should be identifiable when you click on them by checking above the health bar of the infected! This doesnt always seem to appear though, so YMMV!

SoS Underground V2 Leaked Poisonous Fog Report
SoS Undeground V2 Leaked Poisonous Fog Report
SoS Underground V2 Toxic Mist Report
SoS Undeground V2 Toxic Mist Report

The new infected tile type is called Toxic Mist (seen above in the battle report extract). This tile type gives approximately 5-7 times more purple goo than the old Leaked Poisonous Fog tiles! Key takeaway: If you find Toxic Mist, HIT THAT!

From my brief observations so far, Toxic Mist tiles are worth WAY more than even boss tile explorer runs. On floors with Leaked Poisonous Fog tiles, it may be worth doing the explorer challenges still, but on Toxic Mist floors, definitely not!

Research Bonus'

Just a quick update on the new research tree benefits, pictures below. Suggestion: Focus on VisionaryVisionary first and when you can. More research points equals more goo in the long run!. Also leave the store alone until you unlock WiseWise level 5 for the 10% discount! If you dont think you will get there, on the last day go nuts either way.

SoS Underground V2 Valiant Research
SoS Undeground V2 Valiant Research
SoS Underground V2 Steady Research
SoS Undeground V2 Steady Research
SoS Underground V2 Wise Research
SoS Undeground V2 Wise Research
SoS Underground V2 Cautious Research
SoS Undeground V2 Cautious Research
SoS Underground V2 Visionary Research
SoS Undeground V2 Visionary Research
Underground V2 MIGO Buffs

Comming Soon!

There are 4 buffs from M.I.G.O. Season 3 that increase stats for underground v2. Upgrade the TOP RIGHT machine on each level to lvl 5 to get the max buff for each level.

Underground V2 New Buildings

Pictures Comming Soon!

There are some new buildings scattered around in underground V2.

  • Explorer (Hero Missions)
  • Explorer Hub (Alliance Hero Missions)
  • Merchant (Trade)
  • Cave (Luck)

Explorer (Hero Missions)

These missions offer the chance to explore for more purple goo. They take 8 hours without any research buffs (Visionary Visionary Level 1 - 10% Faster). To get the most value from these missions you need to select heros that tick all the boxes (or as many as you possibly can!). Meeting the challenge criteria will give you a bonus percentage to the goo you collect when the mission is finished, so if you can tick all criteria with all 3 heros, thats the maximum bonus! REMEMBER, THE HEROS YOU USE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR OTHER EXPLORER MISSIONS UNTIL THEY ARE FINISHED! (This does not effect any other area of the game)

Explorer Hub (Alliance Hero Missions)

These missions are similar to the solo Explorer missions, however, you MUST meet all the criteria to start the mission! The hub will have 8 missions, and will show the progress of each mission. When all 8 missions are complete, all alliance members will recieve the bonus rewards in the mail. The same speed boost from Visionary Visionary Level 1 applies to these missions, however they are only 6 hours without the buff.

Merchant (Trade)

These Cave missions allow you to trade something for something else. So far this seems to be trading purple goo for research points (or 1 bio for purple goo in the very first trader). There is also a variant of these mixed with the luck that allow you to attempt to "double or nothing" with an amount of purple goo. The luck probability is explained below in the next mission type. NOTE: IF YOU TRADE PURPLE GOO FOR ANYTHING, IT COMES OFF YOUR LEADERBOARD TOTAL AS WELL!!

Cave (Luck)

These Cave missions are luck based. They start at 50% probability of completion, and are linked to one or more of the 5 research trees. If you click on the (i) button next to the probability, the game will tell you what research is linked to that mission.

For each level of that tree you have researched, you will get a % probability boost. Beyond that, how the game works out success or fail is anyones guess! I have read that 70% is the minimum recommended to attempt one of these and have a good chance of succeding, but again, YMMV!