Welcome to the State Of Survival Helper!

This site is a fan made collection of tools designed to make life a little easier for Chiefs to battle the Infected in State of Survival!

Any suggestions for new tools or improvements are always welcomed! Please drop me an email at contact@soshelper.xyz with any suggestions or issues!

Discord server is online @ https://discord.gg/btdcSMCVeh

If you find these tools helpful and would like to buy me a coffee, donations are welcomed, but definitely not required!

UPDATE 20/06/24: Fix Helicopter Special Coating resource updating. Fix Helicopter RSS panel full amount toggle.

UPDATE 19/06/24: Minor Spelling update, email transfer of character data should now work, but check your spam folder! Fixed export/import using one time key.

UPDATE 17/11/23: Chief gear calculator now correctly breaks down the Epic (purple) and Legendary (gold) gear upgrades. Apologies if they look different to in-game as I haven't logged in to check the appearance! :D

Thank you to everyone who has been using this site! I stopped playing SOS quite a long time ago and have not been paying this site any attention. Discord server link has been updated, and I will attempt to work out what has changed since I last looked at the game over the holiday period. Apologies to the people who have sent me email letting me know about issues with the site, I will attempt to address these too!
Feel free to jump into the discord and let me know if you have any suggestions or features to add, also links to updated information (gear stats/costs etc) will help :D